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PCMA 2017 Partners’ Video

We were looking for just the right reason to invest in a new 4K camera, and when we were presented with the script for a wacky green screen project for PCMA, we knew we had found our motivation. It seemed reasonably straightforward… shoot a bunch of sponsors, who were going to be at the convention,

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PCaBlue Shoot at Buddy Guy’s Legends

Shoreline Productions president, and prostate cancer survivor, Patrick Mongoven, teamed up with two other prostate cancer survivors, WGN-TV’s Steve Sanders and the legendary Chicago bluesman Buddy Guy, to produce a video for PCaBlue, an organization that raises awareness and generates funding to battle the disease. John Lupton, the founder of PCaBlue, had enlisted a number

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Producing the NIH-ACS Symposium Video

The thing that made it remarkable was that we pulled it off with 2 guys and 2 cameras in 2 days in Bethesda, Maryland. Otherwise, it was just another interview & b-roll video like scores of others we’ve done over the years. The American College of Surgeons was partnering with the National Institutes of Health

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