Our Company

We have all the latest gadgets, but so what? It’s our people that matter! We’re technologically adept, but we’re also creative. We’re results-driven, but we’re fun to work with. We love what we do and it shows!

Our History


We started up in 1988 in a little beach town on the shore of Lake Michigan, shooting on Betacam and finishing on 1” tape. We did our first location shoot-and-edit at a national sales meeting in 1992. We opened our first office in Chicago in 1994, got into non-linear editing in 1998, and started shooting on DV in 2000. We switched to JVC cameras and Final Cut Pro in 2003. James came on board as an editor in 2005 and Tyler came on in 2012. And this year we embraced Canon cameras and the Adobe Creative Suite in our on-going pursuit of the perfect combination of equipment and talent.



Pat Mongoven shoots and edits in a wide range of genres.  He’s done docs, spots, and TV, but he spends most of his time now working on videos for business meetings and conferences.  He’s grown with the production and meeting industries and still looks forward to new challenges and new innovations.


Tyler Sanders can do it all… shooting, editing, animation.  He’s an accomplished visual storyteller with the technical skills to create stunning imagery.  It’s fun to just watch him come up with new ideas an execute them flawlessly.