PCaBlue Shoot at Buddy Guy’s Legends

Shoreline Productions president, and prostate cancer survivor, Patrick Mongoven, teamed up with two other prostate cancer survivors, WGN-TV’s Steve Sanders and the legendary Chicago bluesman Buddy Guy, to produce a video for PCaBlue, an organization that raises awareness and generates funding to battle the disease.

John Lupton, the founder of PCaBlue, had enlisted a number of blues bands to play in benefit concerts, and he had tapped Buddy Guy as the national spokesman.  But he needed a video to introduce the concerts and explain the mission of the organization.  So we picked a day when Buddy was in town and his club, Legends, was closed for the day, hauled in five LED light panels, three matching cameras, several mics, and other support gear.  Tyler Sanders, son of Steve and a Shoreline editor, was one shooter, and Pat was the other.  Steve Jungblut ran audio.  We used the natural daylight from the street level windows as fill and keyed with the LEDs.  Legends’ stage made a great backdrop.  We recorded full HD to each camera and then posted as a multicam edit in Premiere Pro.  The messaging and graphics are still a work-in-progress, but you can see how nicely the three cameras cut together in this sample.

We pulled off a pro bono project with a skeleton crew for a very good cause in a short amount of time.  And we sincerely hope that a great amount of good will come from it.